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Montrose, PA

Traditional and Modern Funeral Home and Cremations Services in Montrose, PA

Montrose, PA was settled in 1812, and the borough has carried the traditions of the community over the years. This town is a great location for the convenience of living without the hectic lifestyle that is found in the bigger cities and suburbs. This community-centered area is a great place to find services that are needed in all stages of life.

At Savage Funeral Service, we offer the unbeatable funeral home and cremation services that you deserve. If it is time for you to plan a funeral for someone that you love, then it is essential to choose a company that is familiar with the area. You deserve quality service, which is why you need a funeral home that has been serving residents in Montrose for many years.

Honoring the Memory of a Loved One

End-of-life services are more than the logistics to lay a person to rest. These services are designed to support the grief of the family members as well. It is a healing experience to gather with friend and family and share memories of the deceased. People need a place to express their grief and say goodbye to the deceased.

There are many ways that you can honor the memory of your family member. Consider the personalized funeral services that incorporate the person’s favorite details or preferences. This event is an opportunity to remember a life lived. The experiences will live on the minds and hearts of everyone in attendance.

You only have one opportunity to honor the life of your family member. So, you need to choose a funeral home that offers unbeatable respect and care for the funeral services. You will see that our team at Savage Funeral Service is dedicated to your satisfaction. We always listen to your requests to ensure the optimal results for the funeral services.

Customized Services from a Funeral Home and Cremations Provider in Montrose, PA

One of the benefits of choosing the services that we offer is that we are happy to customize your funeral plan. We can support your desire to maintain tradition and religious ceremonies with a funeral if needed. Or, we are also here to support your requests for a modern event instead. The choice is yours to determine the services that will best honor the person you have lost.

If you are considering a modern funeral or memorial, then you have a variety of options to customize this service. For example, many families want to skip the logistics and costs that are associated with a cemetery burial. Instead, cremation is an alternative that helps with the simplicity of end-of-life planning. You are welcome to contact our team at Savage Funeral Service for information about the services that will match your goals.

Cost of Funerals and Cremations

Cost is often a factor because families don’t want to carry the financial burden of paying for a funeral. How much money needs to be budgeted for this event?

The cost of a funeral or cremation depends on the services that you choose. The cheapest option is to request a direct cremation without a gathering of friends and family. On the other end of the price range, the most expensive service includes all of the funeral add-ons: embalming, a viewing, funeral, graveside gathering, headstone, cemetery services, and more.

You don’t have to choose the cheapest option or the most expensive solution. Instead, you can find something in the middle that matches the needs of your family. Browse our website to view the funeral and cremation packages that we offer. Then, remember that you have the flexibility to change the plans if required.

At Savage Funeral Service, we provide top-notch services at affordable prices. We know that money can be stressful when saying goodbye to someone that you love. So, we are always looking for ways to reduce your stress by managing the costs of the funeral packages that are offered.

Leading Funeral Home in the Area

You deserve to work with the best funeral team in the area. So, you need to contact us at Savage Funeral Service. We are happy to help with pre-planning if you would like to take care of the arrangements for the future. Our team will support your requests and ensure that you have the support that you need for these funeral services.

People enjoy the benefits of pre-planning as a way to minimize expenses. Additionally, a funeral plan will ensure that you can make your wishes known to the family that will be overseeing your funeral.

If you need cremations or funeral home services in Montrose, PA, then right now is a good time to call Savage Funeral Service. We have a convenient facility that can be used for your event: 932 Main Street, New Milford, PA 18834. Or, you are always invited to call us if you need more information: (570) 465-2335


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