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Gibson Township, PA

Trusted Funeral Home and Cremation Provider in Gibson Township, PA

Where should you turn for the most trusted funeral services in Gibson Township, PA? When you are saying goodbye to a close family member, it is important to select a funeral home that will support your needs. Whether you are planning a casket burial or cremation, our team at Savage Funeral Service is here to assist.

We understand that every family has unique requests and preferences. Instead of assuming that you want to follow the traditional funeral pattern, we look for ways to accommodate the personalization details that you desire. Creating a custom funeral is one of the best things that you can do to show respect for the person that you love.

Full-Service Funeral and Cremation Support

One of the advantages of choosing our team is that we can help with all of the funeral services that you desire. This range of offerings ensures that you don’t need to look elsewhere if you are planning unique cremation or funeral. We provide packages to accommodate every price range. Or, you can also ask about the general price list for all, of the services that are offered. You always have the option to pick the add-ons that will support the needs of your family.

If you are looking for a full-service funeral home, then make sure that cremations are part of the offering. The choice to cremate the body is becoming more common throughout the country. Families don’t want to be limited to a cemetery burial. So, they select cremation for flexibility with the final resting place. Cremated ashes can be scattered in the location of your choice.

Another option is to find a commemorative urn that can be kept in your home with the ashes. Or, some people like the store the ashes in a discreet location, such as in jewelry or a picture frame. After the body is cremated, you can choose the services that support the wishes of your family.

Creating a Plan with a Funeral Home and Cremations Provider in Gibson Township, PA

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of planning a funeral? Even though there are many options to address, you don’t need to face all of the decisions at the same time. The best solution is to talk to a trusted funeral home in the area to create a plan that will support the needs and wishes of your family.

This plan is based on your requests. For example, you might choose cremation, and then decide to have a memorial after the cremation is complete. So, our team will work through the details that need to be addressed for these services. Or, you can talk to us about a full, traditional plan for a graveside service and burial. We have funeral packages that can accommodate your preferences for a formal gathering.

Sometimes, the plan is rushed because the funeral arrangements need to be made in a few days. Other times, people think ahead and take care of the funeral planning at their convenience. Pre-planning is the perfect answer if you don’t want to leave the stressful decisions on your family after you are gone. If you have preferences about the way you will be laid to rest, then you need to discuss your options for pre-planning.

Benefits of Pre-Planning a Funeral

You will enjoy benefits if you choose pre-planning. The obvious benefit is that you can select the details for your funeral. For example, if cremation is important, then you simply need to share the request with our team, and we will ensure that the end-of-life services include cremation. You can select all of the details for the event. Or, request general services and let the family members work through the details.

Pricing is another benefit that comes from pre-planning. You can take time to compare the funeral homes in the area to choose the lowest prices and quality services. Additionally, designing the funeral plan without the emotional stress of grief often decreases the money that is spent on overall costs for the event. Pre-planning allows you to live the rest of your life knowing that your affairs are in order. If something happens unexpectedly, then your family will know what to do after you are gone.

When you are ready to get started with funeral planning, you can read through the information provided here on our website. We’ve provided an abundance of resources to make it easy to plan your funeral from the comfort of your home. At the same time, we are always here to answer your questions as needed.

For details about cremations and funeral home services in Gibson Township, PA, you need to talk to our experienced team: Savage Funeral Service. We provide a convenient, comfortable funeral home: 932 Main Street, New Milford, PA 18834. Or, call if you need to schedule a consultation: (570) 465-2335


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